What inspired you to start the Right Side of Twenty?
As my 26th birthday approached this year I reflected a lot on entering the wrong side of my twenties. After drowning myself in my own misery and focusing on all of the things I thought I should of accomplished by now, but haven’t, I gave myself no choice other than to make the best out of this year and really work on loving myself. I will be honest–my mid-twenties have been busier than ever, but lonelier than ever. I’ve lost friends, moved away from a city I called home for four years, and I’m not entirely happy with my career. I would like to discuss my struggles in a more in-depth post later, but my hope is to be as open and honest as possible with my readers. I would love nothing more than to connect with other women in their mid-to-late twenties who are in the same boat and I hope to empower them to be open and honest as well. Overall, I’m determined to turn the wrong side of twenty into the right side of twenty, and that is how my blog was born. Of course, I plan on sharing my love for fashion, beauty, home decor and Pinterest as well. The Right Side of Twenty is my creative outlet and I’m so proud of myself for finally putting myself out there.

Do you live in Newport year-round?
I do! I was born and raised in Rhode Island and recently moved back to the Ocean State after living in Boston for four years. I’m a little biased, but it truly is the most beautiful place to live—I’m very lucky. I’m planning on creating a Newport visitors guide very soon!

Is blogging your full-time job?
I wish!  I currently work full-time as an accountant for a Real Estate Investment Trust. I would love to eventually blog full-time and be my own boss.

How do you create your Pins?
On Canva.

What is your current fitness routine?
I love spinning and barre.

Where did you go to college?
Quinnipiac University.

Where do you shop for clothes?
For casual wear I shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Target, Lulu’s, H&M and Zara.
For work attire I shop at Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and J.Crew. I can honestly say that 90% of my wardrobe was purchased on sale. With the exception for a few high quality pieces, I always wait for the items in my cart to go on sale, and I highly encourage my readers to do the same!

How tall are you?

What size clothing do you wear?
I’m usually a 25/0/XS in pants and an XS or S in tops and dresses.

What is your go-to makeup routine?
I will create an entire post on my everyday makeup routine, but for work I keep it (semi) simple and use a BB Cream, concealer where needed, setting powder, blush, tinted brown gel and a light coat of mascara. For special occasions I’ll swap out the BB cream for a full coverage foundation and add in lots of highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, more mascara and lip gloss.